Step Brand Blacksteel runners fits all CCM/RBK skate models with the  SB4.0 holder only.  Will not fit older models with Prolite or E holders.


Handcrafted in Canada with the highest grade of Swedish Stainless Steel, this version is coated with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) for a tough finish that is extremely nick resistant, holds edges up to 5x longer than regular steel, grips ice better, is faster, will last longer too.




  • Grip claw system - Eliminates movement between the front of the blade and the holder
  • more height for added boot to ice clearance resulting in tighter turns and more blade life
  • Raising the boot higher off the ice also increases stride torque, meaning each stride nets more distance down the ice
  • Pitch corrected profile means a more balanced player
  • Neutral, long, 10 foot profile means a perfect foundation for custom profiling
  • Tighter thickness manufacturing tolerances means easier sharpening



  • Increased torque
  • Engineered to reach maximum perform
  • More height added for tighter turns


Sold in pairs and price includes initial custom sharpening.


Note: We are a custom radius shop and our steel is reserved for customers who are purchasing a custom radius.  We do not sell steel without a custom radius. If you just want steel, we suggest you try one of the big online warehouse stores.

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