Hyperglide runners fits all CCM/RBK skate models with the  SB4.0 holder only.  Will not fit older models with Prolite or E holders.


Get more glide with the polished steel of the SpeedBlade Hyperglide runner, the chrome polished finish of this steel reduces on-ice friction for a superior stride and better edging.  The Hyperglide Runner was designed to improve glide with friction resistance finish Greater glide = Greater speed - Polished steel reduces friction for a superior glide and better edging Nice visual chrome finish


Sold in pairs and includes initial sharpening. Custom radius extra.


Note: We are a custom radius shop and our steel is reserved for customers who are purchasing a custom radius.  We do not sell steel without a custom radius. If you just want steel, we suggest you try one of the big online warehouse stores.

CCM/RBK Speed Blades, Hyperglide