The Reebok / CCM Speed Blade +2mm Steel Runners are made from the same high-quality steel as Reebok & CCM's standard replacement blades, but offer two extra millimeters of steel height to extend sharpening life. The extra height also allows a deeper lean without bottoming out and thus better cornering. Comparable to Step steel. Available only in senior sizes, 255mm-304mm.

These blades fit any CCM (or Reebok) skate with the SB4.0 holder. They do not fit skates with the E-Pro or Prolite2 holders.

Note: We are a custom radius shop and this steel is reserved for our custom radius customers only. If you do not want a custom rocker radius on your steel , we suggest you buy your steel from a store who just sells runners, we do not. For info on custom rocker radius, visit our website,

CCM/RBK Speedblade 2+ Stainless runners (senior sizes only)