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About Us

We are a family owned and operated hockey pro-shop serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New England area hockey players. Our Online Shop, Skate Rescue Service,  is the leading online source for custom skate sharpening and radiusing with skaters from around the U.S. and world shipping us their blades for professional skate services.

Most Hockey shops and rink pro shops are retail equipment stores that sharpen skates as a side thought, often letting unsupervised barely trained employees sharpen skates. Most of you are familiar with these places. We are very different, we are professional skate sharpeners who happen to have a retail store. At our store, sharpening is always our first priority. We sharpen tens of thousands of skates per year and that is why we concentrate on providing the absolute best skate sharpening and radiusing possible.  In 2003 we began to offer the same skate sharpening and custom radius services to our internet customers. If you don't have a professional skate sharpener near you, consider letting us meet your sharpening needs. It's not as expensive as you might think. Check out our Sharpen by Mail, and Sharpening and Profiling pages for more information.  Local customers, we also carry a wide variety of new hockey equipment and accessories. Come visit us at our new location in Bridgewater, NH.

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Skate Sharpening
     and Radius

At No-icing Sports, we've earned a reputation for having the most consistent and accurate skate sharpening and custom radius services available. That's why we have the equivalent of more than 800 hockey teams that call us their "sharpener". We also have thousands of mail service sharpening customers from virtually every state in the U.S., and from around the world, who faithfully mail and trust us with their blades for profiling and sharpening.

So, why do our sharpening customers refuse to get their skates sharpened elsewhere? Why do they refer their friends and teammates to No-Icing Sports? Why do they drive hours to get here or ship their blades to us from all over the country and world? The answers are simple. Unlike most shops, we do not sharpen everyone the same way or only have a few choices. We have the latest state of the art machines and processes and pretty much offer all the finest methods of skate sharpening and radius available.  We do this so we can customize the sharpening to fit the skater's exact needs.  If you want to skate better, come to us for the quality custom sharpening and radius that is right for you. NHL pro's are lucky, they have an equipment manager that fine-tunes their skates for optimum performance. At No-Icing, think of us as YOUR personal equipment manager.  Be sure to check out our Sharpening, Profiling and FAQ pages in our main menu for more info.


Our Services

- Custom Skate Sharpening

   * Hollow Sharpening

   * FBV Sharpening

   * Z-Channel Sharpening

   * Figure Skate Sharpening

   * Offset Goalie Sharpening

   * A-Trap Goalie Sharpening

   * Performance Blade Finishes

- Custom Skate Profiling/Radius

   * Single Radius

   * Dual Combination Radius

   * Triple Combination Radius

   * QUAD Combination Radius

   * QUINT 5-Radius

   * CAG Radius

   * Blade Matching

   * Blade Shaving

   * Blade Balancing

   * Also, Prosharp Quad Profiles

- Personal Evaluations

   * Sharpening Evaluation

   * Radius/Profile Evaluation

- Sharpen By Mail Service

   * Ship anywhere in the world

   * 1 day turnaround

   *  Over-nite available

- Skate Repairs

   * Rivets

   * Eyelets

   * Boot Stretching

   * Boot Punching

   * Heat Molding

   * Holder Replacement

   * Runner Replacement


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