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CAG Profiling

Many skaters like a CAG type profile which is not really a radius, rather a flat spot in the middle of the blade. The size of the flat spot is adjustable and it can be placed anywhere along the blade. All 30 NHL teams do CAG profiling and we at No-Icing have done thousands of them over the years.  Keep in mind, a CAG profile does not change what radius is on your skates, it puts a flat spot on the blade, an idea that came directly from the basic physics of Speed skating.

When we think of Speed skating we think of long flat skate blades which provide increased glide and power to the skater. The power is achieved due to the length of the flat blade pushing into the ice propelling the skater forward. More downward energy on a flat blade with increased ice contact means more return energy to the skater. Not only does this create more thrust but as well spreads the skaters weight more evenly over a larger area reducing the downward pres-sure into the ice and allowing for reduced friction and better gliding characteristics.

It was this information that gave Cag the idea to put the physics of Speed skating into a hockey blade. Of course there would be some problems to overcome not the least of which is reduced maneuverability. The game of hockey is a much more lateral sport which includes quick turns and body transitions forward and backwards. Skate blades have to be much shorter to facilitate this type of play.

The CAG Profiler was designed to grind a flat area of steel on an existing skate blade while still allowing the player to shift his or her balance back (for turns) and forth for toe extension in the stride. The amount of flat and it’s positioning on the blade are easily programmed via the numeric keypads.

This flat could then be placed in the area of the blade where he or she is balanced and utilizes most during skating.
If for instance you are more of a forward lean style skater you may want the flat area to be a little more forward of blade center. This puts more blade contact in the exact area you utilize most for your initial stride push off and glide zone.

We don't do as many CAG radius as we use to as technology and skating styles have changed, but if you are interested in a CAG Profile, let us know and we'll work up a good one for you.

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