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Not available in sizes smaller than 254mr.


These runners are replacements for the stock LS4 Edge or LS3/LS2 steel that comes on Bauer models with the LS EDGE holder.   These only fit in Edge holders.  LS4 runners are higher than a standard LS2 Edge Runner and are the highest quality steel bauer offers.. Price is per pair and includes initial sharpening only.


Note: This is not STEP Steel, it is Bauer Steel. Bauer replacement steel does not have any breakage warranty.  Also, LS4 is a bulkier runner on toe/heels than LS2's and some have trouble adjusting to it.  If your skates have LS2, it would be wise to stick with those.


Note: We are a custom radius shop and the steel we sell is reserved for customers who are purchasing a custom radius. If you just want steel, we suggest you try another online store.


Custom radius is extra and must be ordered separately.

Bauer LS4 Edge Runners (pair) Size 254mm and larger

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