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These coated stainless runners fit the Bauer Lightspeed, Lightspeed2, and Lightspeed 2.1 holders only. They do not fit the Tuuk+, or the Lightspeed Edge Holders with the trigger release.  STEP is manufactured by a Canadian company with many years of blade manufacturing experience.  They use the highest quality materials and have mastered a proprietary process that delivers the best replacement steel on the market. This aftermarket steel is superior to stock Bauer steel, yet is same shape as stock steel for ease of alternating with Bauer LS2 steel.  Blackedge has a super tough coating, it holds edges longer and is less likely to break. Blackedge runners are coated with a DLC (Diamond Carbon) finish. They holds edges up to 5x longer than regular stainless steel, are extremely nick resistent, rust resistant, grip ice better and glides faster. Price is per pair and includes initial sharpening.   Radius not included.


Note: We are a Custom Radius shop and  only sell steel to customers who are getting a Custom Radius. If you just want steel we suggest you get them from another online store.

Blackedge Brand Bauer LS2 Runners

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