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Product Description


This is a custom skate sharpening with a regular hollow cut on runners that have been sharpened before. 


Note:  If you are sending in brand new out of the box steel that has never been sharpened before, the cost to sharpen new steel is not $7.00 it is $20.  So you must order 3 of these regular sharpening's to get the proper price.


Note:  A normal sharpening does not include removal of deep nicks, chips or gouges. Extra fees may apply.  We inspect each blade, if we think they are OK to skate on with no performance problems, we'll do a normal sharpening and ship them back to you.  If you know your blades are in bad shape, you can select the "Remove Deep Nicks and Gouges" option from the sharpening Options area. Be advised this is not recommended as it remoces a lot of steel life and is usually not needed. A blade can have 100 nicks and still perform perfectly.



Custom Hollow Skate Sharpening


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